It’s a whole NEW healing system for body and mind

“Every positive thought and step, is a silent prayer which will change your life!” ~ Bryant McGill

organic guinea pigSo what sets us apart from others? We look at healing the body and mind from the inside out, every single cell – organically – helping with terminal illness, chronic illness, pain, skin disorders, hypertension (or high blood pressure), cholesterol and more. We help with your mindset, and teach you holistic methods for self healing. We help you feel human again!!

At Organic Guinea Pig, we believe that everyone should have control over their health and their lives. Through our services we give you the tools you need to take that control. We’re here for you! We are passionate about the nutrition of kids too and want to teach kids in our schools about nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating, so that they can go on to live long, healthy and successful lives. Please watch this video – why reinvent the wheel right ? – which pretty much sums up our passion for this subject, as well as giving some astounding facts about how we feed our kids :

Everyone knows that eating junk food, chocolate, sweets etc is really bad for you, but have you ever wondered why ? Nobody tells you do they ? They just keep relying on the fact that people will buy their goods and keep putting it in their bodies. Have you ever stopped to read the ingredients ? Do you know what they are ? For instance, many fruit squashes and pops or sodas contain a chemical known as ASPARTAME – this chemical is a known KILLER, yet it is widely used to sweeten “low sugar” drinks. Then when people become ill, they take medication that manages the symptoms, rather than looks at the cause. The amount of articles recently published about people who have been to their doctors, and been prescribed medication, even though their doctor had NO IDEA what was wrong with them is scary !!

HippocratesQuoteWell at Organic Guinea Pig, we can give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your food. We will tell you WHY certain foods and additives are bad for your body & mind; and we can also tell you WHY the foods we prescribe will repair your body and not damage it. Through proper nutrition, diet and exercise we can help you on the road to recovering YOUThrough other methods, we can help pinpoint some of the causes of your health problems, and bring your mind back to a healthy place, so that you can think again and look forwards. By exercising the mind and feeding it with the right nutrients, we can help you to achieve your life’s goals, plan for the future, and look with positivity at your life.

To do all this we use FARMERS not PHARMAS!!! There are no magic pills, no magical remedies, just hard hard work – BUT the rewards will be INCREDIBLE !!! When you sign up to be an Organic Guinea Pig – you are not signing up to a faddy diet plan, you are signing up to CHANGE YOUR LIFE – this is a lifestyle change that WILL change your life!!

Find out how ………

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