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We are a nutritional therapist, lifestyle analyst & positivity coach, Staffordshire based, but ready to travel should the need arise 

Gilly Marie Harvey

 Co-Founder & Nutritional Therapist

“Fit on the outside doesn’t mean you’re fit on the inside, and this is what so many people get wrong.”

A few years ago Gilly was fit on the outside but quite ignorant about food, she says she looks back now and thinks how stupid she was. She had been training for years in the gym, and boxing, but had been eating the wrong food. What really sparked Gilly’s interest in food, moreover in organic foods, was her partner starting to grow his own foods on an allotment, and her transition from normal gym to a much more demanding boxing gym – the requirement for more energy and stamina.

This is when Gilly started to really look at not only ingredients in the foods she was eating and feeding her family, but also at what those ingredients did to your body. Gilly became so interested in this and passionate about how she could feed her body “organically”, that she decided to study nutrition, and that really opened her eyes as to how we can use foods – organically grown unmodified foods – to make our bodies healthy and stop them being riddled with diseases, many of which are caused by ingredients, additives and chemicals used in the manufacture and growth of foods that we find in our supermarkets, a lot of which we are taught are healthy.

What Gilly will do is teach you how you can change your life around totally, using natural organic foods. She will show you how to tell whether or not a food is safe and healthy to consume, she will reveal the foods and chemicals you should avoid, and explain why. Gilly will expain how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle, that could change your life. By eating the right things we can prevent and treat disease, from the common cold to cancers and we can LIVE with more energy, and more vitality, for a longer period of time.

dale 2

Dale Preece-Kelly, MIICT

Co-Founder, Positivity Coach, Nutritional Therapist & Lifestyle Analyst (Also #1 OGP)

Also author of  the book “Organic Guinea Pig’s Health Revolution”

“Every morning I wake up and remind myself I’m awesome, because we all ARE, and then I’m ready for the day”

We’re all entitled to a meltdown when something goes wrong, or something bad happens, but how do we then move forwards positively? This is a question Dale has asked himself many times, but also answered successfully, and he wants to share that answer with you!!

Dale is a fully qualified animal assisted therapy practitioner, he is also a “positivity coach”, and lifestyle analyst helping many in their quest to find answers to lifes questions and have a positive outlook on life. He inspires people to follow and achieve their dreams and ambitions, and teaches them techniques to help get through the ups and downs that life throws at them. Dale is also a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, gaining his Level 5 Diploma from The Health Sciences Academy, and a Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. This demonstrates an all round ability to analyse a client’s entire lifestyle, if necessary, and give an assessment of improvements that can be made to completely change a clients life !!!

Dale was the very first Organic Guinea Pig, and believes that your body should be healthy from the inside out. Organic Guinea Pig works on helping its Guinea Pigs do this “organically” – from cell repair and a healthy body using super foods and sound nutritional advice from Gilly, to a healthy, positive and productive mind. . . . At OGP Seminars and public speaking engagements, Dale will teach you, with his own brand of humour and his trademark positive outlook on life (his SN System) he will talk about his journey so far, and the lessons he has learnt that have led him to have this outlook – it will be a roller coaster ride of sadness and loss, and joy and fulfillment, it may just change your life for the better, but it will certainly change the way you look at change!!

twitterDale has written and published a book, which details the OGP System in easy to follow chapters, that will give you all of the tools you need to be healthier, happier, fitter . . . and more. It covers every aspect of lifestyle change, and gives answers to all of the whys, and covers nutrition, exercise, positive thinking, dealing with addictions (not just to foods but also to the chemicals in processed foods, as well as sugar and tobacco), and giving tips, recipes and more. If you are interested in owning a book that could change your life, then click the direct link on our home page !! To follow Dale’s writing journey, click on the Twitter link to the left and follow his “Author” page



At Organic Guinea Pig we are committed to helping you change your life for the better – by eating and thinking “organically” we truly believe that you can do this.

Organic Guinea Pig was formed, when Gilly and Dale met, and Gilly began teaching Dale about proper nutrition for his body – his first attempt at a healthy shop had Gilly in hysterics – but we will let her tell that story!!

Dale had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Parkinsons Disease. He was a smoker and regular drinker, and had a history of heart attacks. He had been told by the doctor that his next heart attack was not far away, and that it would be his last. Knowing Gilly’s passion for nutrition, Dale asked if he could be her “guinea pig” and test her methods – he decided to document his progress via a Facebook Page . Within 3 months Dale was leading a much healthier lifestyle – eating organic foods, he stopped smoking, and reduced his drinking and began working out more – this alone brought his blood pressure and cholesterol back to normal. In the months that followed Dale began a vegetarian diet and has been juicing regularly, and has cut out his 6 cups of coffee a day completely – this has led to 2 things, firstly his training is yielding even better results and he now has the 6 pack he has always desired, more importantly however, Dale is no longer taking the medication for his Parkinsons Disease and his symptoms have all but disappeared.

With Dale’s success, new Guinea Pigs are now working with Dale & Gilly – with a variety of issues including COPD, hypotension and cancer. At OGP we specialise not only in helping you to live healthier lives, but also in helping you to combat chronic disease the natural way !!