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Dr Sheila Kar (Cardiologist – Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2) : “The body was never meant to be ill. I tell my patients to follow a healthy diet [to clean up their arteries]. When they complain I ask, would you prefer to eat a healthy diet or would you like me to give you more poisons to put in your body?”

Even doctors are now prescribing a healthy nutritional lifestyle over drugs, in some cases – which would you choose ?

How we can help you :


Price : £40 for 45 minutes

Want to make sure you are getting the correct nutrition ? Want to be sure you are treating your body right ? This is your opportunity to have some 1-2-1 guidance from either nutritional therapist Gilly, or from Dale who is also a qualified nutritional therapist – they can assess your current diet, your lifestyle and your required results and help you to get those results and sustain them. They can also help to tailor you diet to help alleviate symptoms of chronic disease.

Sometimes these changes take willpower and may not seem doable, but with our help and support we will make sure you achieve the results you require. Its not an overnight thing, and it will take time (6-12 months), but gradually the way you look at food and, more importantly, your life will change for the better.

Sessions can be done face to face in your home or over the phone. Coming soon Skype sessions


persimmon quotePrice : £40 for 45 minutes

Need short term help with willpower? Or long term help with positive thinking ? Whatever the problem with your way of thinking, this is an opportunity for 1-2-1 time with “positivity coach” Dale, who can help you to look at life in a different way completely and reverse your thinking. Self esteem issues, willpower, positivity in negative situations – you will find it all here.

Sessions can be done face to face in your home, over the phone, or via Skype


Price : £99 – per person – places are limited. Seminar dates below (Our first seminar is a special offer at £49 pp)

Gilly will teach you about the foods you are consuming ie trash vs advertised healthy vs actual healthy. She will tell you why foods that you perceive as being good for you, are not as nutritional as they may appear. She will explain what to look for when you look at ingredients on packets, and teach you WHY certain ingredients should be avoided. Gilly will teach you why processed foods are not as nutritional as unprocessed, raw and organic foods. She will teach you her “Seed To Feed” philosophy, and show you just how easy it is to grow your own foods from scratch – you can start small and work your way up.

Arty Tart - And they say eating healthy is boring !!
Arty Tart – And they say eating healthy is boring !!

Dale will take you through his SN System for a healthy mind, and teach you how he has used this to stay positive and maintain willpower, despite his life’s ups and downs. He will also teach you techniques for “reverse thinking” – turning around the way your mind processes information, so you see things (particularly negative or bad things) from a different perspective, helping to sustain a happy, healthy, positive mind. Dale will also show you how you can achieve your dreams, and be successful at what you have always dreamed of doing – no more “One day. . . .” ; no more “I can’t”. You will leave saying “I CAN” and planning your future !!

Seminars are designed to be interactive and fun! Lunch and refreshments will be provided – though no tea coffee or processed snacks. Lunch and refreshments will be healthy and tasty alternatives to those !! Come, take part and learn how to give your lifestyle the healthy kick that it needs and maintain and sustain it – Live healthy, live happy, live the life you have always wanted !!


January 2015 – TBC – Special introductory price for this seminar ONLY £49 per person


Price : £1000

This is the best of both worlds – work with both Dale & Gilly and get your nutrition and your mind re-set and get on the road to a happier healthier you. With this you get our full support and access to both of us as mentors and coaches, to help you get through the harder days at the beginning, and then to come out the other side and positively maintain your new life. We will work with you for as long as it takes and all you pay is this price

We also do temporary “Dreamwork Plans” at £600 for 6 months and £300 for 3 months – Contact Us for further details


autumn quotePrice : £300 per day (individual session price can be quoted)

We can come to your facility and teach pupils, patients, inmates etc about good and proper nutrition – what foods to eat, what foods not to eat, how to prepare a healthy nutritional meal, a typical shopping list, etc. Let us help prepare your charges for a healthy lifestyle and show them the way.

We would love to help schools to educate our children to eat healthy natural foods (unprocessed), so that they can have the BEST start in life.

OGP Lifestyle Club Meetings

A regular meeting of like minded people, all working towards the same goal. At OGP Lifestyle, you get all of the benefits of a diet club, but with additional services :

Qualified Nutritional Therapists to help with diet planning, and guidance and advice on what foods suit your body best, nutritionally

OGP Practitioners on hand to offer support and lifestyle guidance, with positivity counselling when the road get tough – support that doesn’t stop at the meeting, but which you have access to whenever you need it

We won’t try and sell you our own products (such as pre PROCESSED foods and the like), we don’t have any, we will simply help you to a fitter, happier, healthier you. By following the OGP Methodology, you will have all of the tools you need to help you live longer. We hand you back the power to choose, the power to change!!

CONTACT US for details of your local OGP Lifestyle Club


Further Details To Follow


Further Details To Follow


We will attend your group, where we can give your members an engaging, motivating and entertaining presentation on subjects relating to nutrition, juicing, positive thinking and positivity, business, disease prevention, business and more

Please contact us for further details

Please note that all charges are subject to fuel surcharge of 40p per mile, after a travel distance of  30 miles